Ship Lid Yard Cups -14 oz./400 ml - 

Our Yard Cups are ideal for bars, restaurants, concessions stands, or parties.  Keep cool with these high quality novelty Yard Cups.  Our yarders, with a safe lid and straw cap, protect your drink from spilling. The cups are comfortable to hold and are disposable, so you can take your drink away with you. Even if the cup falls, it will not break, making it safe for pool, beach, or kid's parties.


  • Ship Lid Yard Cup
  • 14 oz./400 ml. yarder
  • Box contains 54 cups, with lid, straw, and straw cap
  • Our Yard Cups are made of clear, transparent, food contact safe plastic (PET)  
  • Made in Europe, Safe for contact with food
  • Only our Yard Cups have authentic, Food Contact Approval Certificates
  • BPA Free
  • We are the Manufacturer
  • Custom logo printing available


  • Refillable
  • Great For Iced Coffee, Yogurt, Margaritas
  • Use for any cold drinks, frozen or not
  • We do not import anything from China

Brown Brown

Ship Lid Yard Cups -14 oz./400 ml (54 cups per box)-Brown

  • $69.40 ($1.29 per cup)

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